20th Century Studios

Smoking Policy

Twentieth Century Fox and its related companies, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000 and Fox Animation, (together "Fox") understand that the films we produce and distribute have an impact on a youth audience. Fox takes its responsibility seriously and has implemented policies to address these issues.

Where Fox is the lead or sole producer, we will seek to limit cigarette smoking and tobacco depiction in films that are not rated R or NC-17 to scenes in which smoking is part of the historical, biographical or cultural context of the scene or is important to the character or scene from a factual or creative standpoint, or where cigarette smoking is portrayed in an unfavorable light or the negative consequences of smoking are emphasized. Where Fox is the lead or sole producer, we will seek to limit tobacco company branding in all of our films regardless of rating. Fox's policy is included in the Feature Production Manual that sets forth Fox's policies and procedures to our filmmakers.

Sometimes Fox is involved in the production or distribution of other films with respect to which we have less or no control over content. These may include films co-produced by Fox and another studio, acquired by Fox after principal photography has commenced or in post-production, or distributed by Fox on behalf of a third-party producer. Although this policy does not apply to these other films, Fox discourages depictions of tobacco smoking and other tobacco incidents in all youth-rated films and will exert its influence, where possible, to minimize the occurrence of tobacco smoking and other tobacco incidents in them.

Fox Home Entertainment includes an anti-smoking public service announcement on all North American standard definition DVDs of films produced by Fox that depict tobacco products and are not rated R or NC-17. In addition, any film that depicts tobacco smoking and other tobacco incidents will contain the following certification language in the end credits: "No person or entity associated with this film received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of tobacco products."

Fox has established internal procedures to identify smoking and other tobacco incidents subject to this policy and to promote dialogue with filmmakers regarding depictions of smoking and other tobacco incidents.

Fox makes no product placement, tie-in or other promotional arrangements with tobacco companies for any of its films, regardless of rating. No Fox production may receive consideration of any kind in exchange for depicting tobacco or tobacco-related signage or paraphernalia in a Fox film.